Designer Collections

Today I’d like to feature some of the new designer collections from Zazzle.

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Black Cherry Spirals

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How can you not love Butterfly Binders?

One of my favorite fractal works is a butterfly design:

Flying At Night
Flying At Night by Karlajkitty

Okay – these are definitely flashy – and incredible:

Adorable – plus I can’t resist cat designs:

Still feeling “witchy”? Not only is this a great collection, but the designer gives us a wonderful bit of Halloween and Day of the Dead history

While many believe the Roman Catholic holidays “All Saints Day” & “All Souls Day” were the basis for “Halloween”, it was the other way around. Halloween began as a pagan tradition of Celtic Druids who worshipped evil spirits. However you feel about Devil Worship, the Druids apparently knew how to party & drew massive groups of followers. Worried about losing their flock, The Church created the above holidays to lure away the misguided revelers. Today The Church remains a living entity while the Druids have long ceased to exist, yet Halloween is more popular than ever! “El Dio de los Muertos” (Day of The Dead) is Mexico’s answer to all the above holidays as it celebrates the lives & spirits of the dearly departed w/ flair, merriment & sweet treats. The items in this collection are a small sample of the products & whimsical original designs of Leslie Sigal Javorek w/ Halloween & Day of the Dead themes (incl. skeletons, sugar skulls, jack o’lanterns, witches & bats)

View the trending collections here:

from: Zazzle

19% Off All Orders – Use code: YOHOTREASUREStarts: 9/18/2015 Expires: 9/19/2015 11:59 PM

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