On Trend – Over the Knee Boots

Over The Knee Boots Brown and Leopard


ASOS oversized top
$48 – asos.com

Hue legging

Striped handbag

Brenda MacLeod: Glamour of the Bag

Today I’m showcasing the amazing handbag designer Brenda MacLeod

“Brenda Macleod is a luxury women accessories brand. The brand was created to provide good quality, ethical and stylish handbags made with great attention to detail for the modern and confident woman who loves functionality, quality and minimal styles.

Designed with passion in the inspirational Highlands of Scotland and handmade with love in Florence, Italy, every handbag is a fusion of quality, style and impeccable craftsmanship.

We select the finest leathers for our production, focusing on luxurious natural leathers. Natural leather is tanned using only natural vegetable dyes, there are no chemicals involved in the tanning process, no buffing and no artificial finish. This means that every piece of our leather is allowed to retain its individual and unique patina, and being such a natural product will age beautifully with deeper colour tones.”  Read More…

These are extremely well-made, timelessly classic, and look incredibly sturdy.  Prices range from £160.00 ($225.99) to £655.00 ($910.00) so while not a budget price, they look well worth the investment.

Glamour of the Bag


Brenda Macleod: Black Bag


Brenda Macleod: Brown Bag


Pink Bag - Brenda Macleod


Blind Date – Winter Style

What should you wear on a Blind Date?

Nothing quite like the anxiety of staring at your closet, helpless, trying to decide what to wear on a first date with someone you’ve never met.  Except maybe when you try on one outfit after another until half your closet is strewn across your bedroom.  Maybe we can work through this with a little help from the experts.


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From Match.com:

How to Prepare For a Blind Date 

by Tamsen Butler, Demand Media

Getting ready for a blind date can be a little more difficult than preparing for a date with someone you already know. You may wonder what style your date likes or how he’ll be dressed. Approach this situation as an exciting opportunity to meet someone new, and you’re bound to have more fun than if you look at it as a daunting task.

Step 1

Get as much information as you can beforehand regarding your date. If a mutual friend arranged the blind date, consult your friend to find out what you need to know about your blind date. You can find out a lot of great information that can help your blind date run more smoothly. For example, if your friend tells you that your blind date is an animal activist, you can then avoid some awkwardness by not wearing leather pants.

Step 2

Consider your destination. If you already have the entire date planned out, then dress accordingly for the things you’re supposed to do. Don’t wear jeans if you’re going out for an elegant dinner; by the same token, don’t dress formally if you’re meeting up for some bowling. If you aren’t sure what the blind date will entail, dress nicely in a way that will allow you to engage in a variety of activities.

Step 3

Consider comfort. You may think that you look best in stiletto heels or a three-piece suit, but whatever you wear should be comfortable enough that you can spend the date getting to know the other person, instead of thinking about how uncomfortable you feel. While you do want to look attractive for your date, you don’t want to do it at the expense of your comfort.  Read the full article here

Blind Date - Winter Style

$680 – italist.com

Black pantyhose

Ballerina flat

Mini bag

FRR brown glove

Fendi silk scarve
$110 – pret-a-beaute.com

Burgundy hat
$6.06 – yoins.com

From eHarmony (eH Advice):

5 Things Not to Wear on a First Date

by eHarmony Staff

Don’t let your first date attire ruin your chances for a second date. What you wear is the perfect opportunity to present who you are before you say a word. To win your date over with captivating style, consider the location, time of day and weather as these factors will weigh heavily on your attire choice and stay away from our top five things you shouldn’t wear on a first date.

1) Don’t Try a new Trend

Reveal the real you, and stick to clothing you actually wear. “Don’t get in a costume-like outfit,” says Keylee Sanders, owner of the successful consulting and styling company Style Studio and a former Miss Teen USA. “Dress in something you would wear on a regular basis because hopefully you’ll see this person a second date. Stick to your true style self or fashion self on that first date.”

2) Don’t Reveal too Much

First impressions are quick to be made, hard to get rid of and set the tone for the entire date. Ask yourself what your outfit says about you. There’s a difference between wanting to look flirty and sexy and leaving nothing to the imagination. “That doesn’t mean you need to dress dowdy or frumpy, for example if you’re going to wear a short skirt, don’t wear a low cut top,” says the former beauty queen. A good rule of thumb is to choose one area of your body you want to reveal—whether that’s an above the knee skirt to show off your legs, a subtle scooped neck blouse to enhance your décolleté or an off the shoulders sweater to feature a graceful neckline.   Read the full article here

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Add a feminine touch to your look with a custom floral phone case or wallet:

Artist Fashion

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Wear Black – Accessorize with Purple

If you LOVE PURPLE as much as I do, you want to wear it all the time. But purple is one of those colors that can be a bit tacky if overdone. Stay classy by wearing mostly black and add purple as an accent. Wear a purple scarf and jewelry or carry a tasteful bag.  Brighten up the drudgery of winter by adding a pair of rich purple gloves to a cozy black coat.

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Cat Walk

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Here are some fun and affordable Purple sunglasses from SheIn:

Purple Lenses Black Flower Embellished Sunglasses

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My Purple Kitty Collection:

Spring New Arrivals

Denim Trend: Black Jeans

Black jeans are an absolute staple item – great with a sweater or blouse on “Casual Friday” at work, or with a sweatshirt for a trip to the grocery. Plus they are black – so they go with everything. I’m one of those people whose closet would be near empty if all the black clothing were removed. Did I mention that they are black?

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Denim Trend: Black Jeans



Fashionable but Affordable Black Denim:

Black Ripped Slim Denim Pant

  • Price: $16.82


New fashions added daily at SheIn.com

More Casual Choices:

Zipper Fly Classic Pure Black Slimming Button Embellished Narrow Feet Denim Pants

  • Price: $14.06


Massive Clearance Sale

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Winter Layers: Slip Dress

Slip dresses are back – right out of the 90’s and showing up everywhere.

How would you wear a slip dress?  Obviously not for the work place or a trip to the mall (unless you’re Rhianna)- more suited for a nice (very nice) evening out.  Perfect for a cocktail party or dinner and a show.

GET THE LOOK: slipdress long and sneakers

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 So just what is a “slip dress”?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A slip dress is a woman’s dress that closely resembles an underslip or petticoat.[1] It is traditionally cut on the bias, with spaghetti straps.[1] Slip dresses first became widely worn in the last decade of the 20th century, as part of the underwear-as-outerwear trend, when they were made from layered chiffon, polyester satins and charmeuse, and often trimmed with lace.[2] The slip dress looked like an undergarment, but was intended to be seen, and through the use of lace and sheer elements, offer glimpses of the body beneath.[3]Designers associated with slip dresses include John Galliano, whose debut design for Dior was a lace-trimmed slip dress worn by Diana, Princess of Wales in 1996;[4] Calvin Klein and Narciso Rodriguez.[1]


Winter Layers: Slip Dress

I found some affordable Slip Dresses on Shein:

Apricot Coctel Spaghetti Strap Pleated Slip Dress

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Don’t forget a pair of strappy heels (found on Lulu’s):

  • Price: $69.00


  • Price: $22.00
  • Price: $22.00

  • Price: $69.00

  • Price: $26.00

  • Price: $26.00

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Black Skinny Leggings

What could be more versatile than black leggings?

Leggings and jeggings are everywhere and for good reason. They are comfortable and they go with just about everything. Grab a t shirt or sweatshirt for a quick casual look or go all out with a nice sweater or button down shirt for a more polished statement. Add a long scarf and a cape and you are ready for your magazine shoot. Just don’t go too tight with these. Unless you have a model-thin figure you should look for leggings that have a little “hang” room.

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Black Skinny Leggings

 Black Skinny Leggings by karlajkitty featuring round sunglasses

The top ten black leggings will have you leaping, lunging and high-kicking for joy, thanks to their comfortable feel, sag-proof stretchy composition and non-see through fabric. Choose a tummy-flattening shape or a trendier look with visible seams – either way, scroll through our list of black leggings, because feeling cozy has never looked so chic!  Read More…

Black Leggings For Less:

Elastic Waist Slim Black Leggings

  • Price: $9.99

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Cropped Flares

Can you pull off the trending cropped flares?

I have to admit that I don’t quite have the figure for this look – being on the curvy side and of limited stature, this look just doesn’t do me justice. That is not to say that they don’t flatter some figure types.  Make sure to “own” this look – make it a deliberate statement and pair them with just the right heel.


I am an approved affiliate for Lulus.com, Sammy Dress, SheIn, and Zazzle and this post contains affiliate links that may provide me a small commission if you shop through them. This is how I can continue to bring you amazing content

Cropped Flares

Get the look: Cropped Flares by karlajkitty featuring an open front cardigan


Marni yellow shoes
$975 – farfetch.com

Wildfox 80s fashion
$125 – coggles.com

From Harpers Bazaar:

Chic Cropped Flares to Try Now


From the designers at Polyvore:

Would You Wear It: Cropped Flares

Cropped Flare Jeans...

cropped flares

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New Trend: Bell-Sleeve Dresses

Flared slacks and jeans have a trending partner with bell sleeve dresses and tops. Some have a slight taper and others flare out to ridiculous volumes. These have been in style before and I really like the feminine look they create.

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New Trend: Bell-Sleeve Dresses

 New Trend: Bell-Sleeve Dresses by karlajkitty featuring leather handbags

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